Sleep vs Living WELL…what’s most important?

If you skip sleep because your life is busy you may want to reconsider.  The Huffington Post , (based on information from the National Sleep Foundation), listed 8 ways lack of sleep can hurt you…

Woman-up-lateLess than 7-8 hours of sleep a night may:

  1. Increase your risk of stroke
  2. Make you fat
  3. Increase your risk for diabetes which leads to a bunch of other health issues
  4. Cause you to lose your memory and increase brain fog
  5. Damage your bones
  6. Hurt your heart
  7. Sorry..this sounds harsh but…Kill You…
  8. Increase your risk for cancer



Additionally, there are some VITAL functions your body can only do while you are asleep.  From the hours of 10 pm to 5 am your body is cleansing and repairing your thyroid, gall bladder, liver and lungs.  Then around 5 am your colon gathers up all the trash to take it out as soon as you wake up.  Lack of sleep is also extremely hard on your adrenal glands, which give you the ability to handle stress (or not)…so it may be time to re-prioritize…

Let’s weigh these real risks with making more money or having more fun or fitting more into your already too busy day…do you really value those things over QUALITY of life or even LENGTH of life?

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