Foods That Harm the Prostate

14-philpeace“…all the while I had no idea the foods I loved the most were affecting my body and destroying my health.”  Phil Davis

If you are getting up two, three or more times a night to empty your bladder you’re getting very little deep, healing sleep.   That was one of my problems along with male ED nine years ago.  I weighed 249 pounds, had irritable bowel syndrome and lower back pain.  There is a term called “normal body function”…I was far from that at 49 years old.

Before my detox program I was getting up 2-3 times a night.  By the fifth morning on my program I realized I had slept through the night.  Male ED was gone and the honeymoon was on.  Low back pain, irritable bowel syndrome and twenty-one pounds were gone in 21-days.  Free from the addictions, with my body back to normal function; why would I go back to old habits and the discomfort that came from eating mostly junk.  In the next four months Celeste and I lost a combined 132 pounds and have kept it off to this day.  That detox program, nine years ago gave me my life and my future back.  I now know it wasn’t a diet; it was a lifestyle change.

“It’s not rocket science men, it’s wise choices, one day at a time.”

So what did I eat that was wrong?  I found these foods to be particularly irritating to my prostate problems and also found my problems began to disappear when I removed these from my daily food.

Dairy:  “According to studies done by Harvard University and Tufts University, consumption of dairy products is closely linked in America to prostate cancer. Research found that men who consume larger than average amounts of dairy products have an 11 percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer than men who consumed less. Additionally, males with the highest intake of dairy products have a 39 percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer than men with the lowest dairy consumption. Milk, cheese, and ice cream should be avoided.” (1)

Meat:  Too much animal protein is directly connected to prostate cancer.  I try to keep my animal protein to 12 ounces PER WEEK (instead of per day) and only buy quality animal products such as grass fed beef, free range poultry and eggs from pastured chickens.  According to studies cited by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, less animal protein and more plant-based foods play a significant part in reducing or reversing prostate cancer. (1)

Sugar:  Refined Sugar feeds cancer.   We all have cancer cells.  If they are “turned on” or activated a high sugar diet will fuel their production.  You get refined sugar from …sugar in foods, snacks and desserts, high fructose corn syrup, candy, non-diet sodas, alcohol.  I have to admit, I’m a sugar fiend but I’ve stayed away form refined sugar for 9 years.   Now I get my sugar from fruit and raw, local honey. (2)

Bad Fats:  This would be hydrogenated fats, margarine, trans fats.  If you avoid pre-made foods in the freezer and packages and fast food you can easily avoid these. (3)

Caffeine:  “Limiting intake of all sources of caffeine including coffee, tea and energy drinks is strongly suggested. Some of the prostate is made up of smooth muscle, and anything that causes that muscle to constrict, as does caffeine, will make urination more difficult. Also, caffeine increases the need to urinate and can irritate the bladder. Prostate inflammation can also be brought on by other stimulants. Anti-histamines, like coffee, can cause your prostate to enlarge. Both caffeine and antihistamines affect the soft tissue of the body, like your prostate gland. It is suggested to avoid caffeine and anti-histamines as much as possible, and especially avoid consumption right before bedtime.” (4)  My primary beverage before my detox was Mt. Dew.  Today it’s water.  I prefer the effects of water on my body over the curse of prostate problems.

I learned to replace these foods with some delicious and healthful foods that keep my flag flying at all times!  Check it out.


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