Add This to your Big Why for Olympic Results

hi-res-8064658_crop_northIt was surreal sitting in the short track speed race at the Olympic trials in Salt Lake City.  I couldn’t help but wonder…what is the difference between the athletes who make it to the Olympics and the millions who don’t.  One statistic said that an athlete has a 1 in 562,400 chance of making it to the Olympics…so why even try?  What made THESE young people think they could make it?  How did they persevere through injury, disappointment and losing?  I had to Google these questions. I found the same answer that makes ANY of us successful at accomplishing our goals…the EXACT same things I was already writing about this week and the first is Motivation.

Sports Psychologists say the number one difference is MOTIVATION…or their Big Why….their Trump Card.  This dedicated motivation is what makes these teenagers go home to bed at 8 pm instead of staying out until midnight with their friends.  It’s what makes them say NO to junk food when that’s what their friends live on.  This dedicated motivation is what determines EVERY CHOICE THEY MAKE.  An Olympic level athlete is dedicated to their Big Why above ALL ELSE.  Steven Covey once said “it is easy to say NO when there is a deeper YES burning inside you.”

The Second part of motivation is CONFIDENCE in their motivation and ability to accomplish their goals.  World-class athletes have Confidence that their work and effort will pay off.  Confidence they are doing the most important thing…the thing they were created to do.  But where does this confidence come from?  Dr. Jim Taylor, a sports psychologist says that this confidence comes from MOTIVATION because that BIG motivation ensures preparation and from preparation comes confidence.

Wow!  What about you…do YOU have confidence in YOUR “Big Why”?  Is your “Big Why” burning deep enough in your heart for you to say NO to other things?  If not then you haven’t really gotten there yet.   Is YOUR Trump Card big enough to take all that comes your way?

Ask yourself the question “WHY” about YOUR Big Why to get to the core of your motivation.  See the questions at the end of the article to help you get there.

My Big Why was to be healthy to enjoy an active life with my grandson.  I was 42 when he was born but my True Body Age was 67.  Today, sitting in the Olympic speed skating trials my Big Why has paid off…my grandson, now 13, is sitting in between Phil and I and we are experiencing this incredible event together.

Your Big Why is worth it and so are you…dig deep…your Big Why may be on the bottom but it is there!

  1. What do I want to accomplish?
  2. Why do I want to accomplish that?
  3. Why does that matter to me?
  4. Why do I care about that?
  5. Is there anything I care more about that that?
  6. Why do I care more about the other thing?

Keep asking yourself these questions…I recommend writing them out and answering each one, or talking them out with a trusted friend or mentor.

We will be talking at length about your Big Why…Your Trump Card on our webinar on Wednesday, January 8 at noon pacific time.

Here’s the link…join us and get in touch with your Big Why and the first step of preparation to accomplish your goals.

Your Big Why and Confidence to help you say YES to whatever it takes to reach your dreams and goals and NO to the things that will sabotage your success…even when everyone else is saying YES…what do you think?

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