A Doctor’s Detox Experience

My first detox experience was while I was in Chiropractic School. I was struggling with chronic pain, exhaustion and frequent headaches. I was getting adjusted regularly but I had totally abused my body with a diet of fast food and no sleep. I was under extreme amounts of stress. The chiropractic adjustments were definitely helping but I knew I needed something more. So, I sought the guidance of a clinical nutritionist that specialized in detoxification. The initial consultation was exciting and she promised me health and vitality. I was totally on board!

At our next meeting the nutritionist gave me a pamphlet and sold me over $200 of vitamins.  She told me that the first three days I was supposed to eat only raw veggies and fruit. Then on day four I could eat 70% raw veggies/fruit and 30% cooked veggies. I also was required to take a handful of vitamins and have 2-3 shakes a day. That’s it. She did explain the process. She didn’t give me recipes or offer any kind of support. I was to report to her in 28 days once the detox was over to discuss the results.

I went home a bit flustered and confused but figured, hey, I’m smart; I’m in grad school with a little research I can figure this out. I was eager to feel better so….I read thru the pamphlet and went to the grocery store and bought the limited items on the shopping list she provided.

One hundred dollars of carrots cucumbers and celery later I went home and did all my chopping and prep work. The following day I started with the nutrition shake and handful of vitamins. The shake tasted terrible and I was starving within the hour. So, I nibbled on rabbit food until about noon and by that time I had the worst headache of my life. I was miserable, starving, in pain, exhausted, and frustrated. I had no one to turn to, no one to ask about my headache, no one to encourage me. I cheated and ate something terrible like a cookie or something which made me feel even worse. Later that day I completely fell of the wagon. I went out to dinner with my friends and we had PIZZA!  I told my self … ok tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day, I’ll start tomorrow, well, tomorrow ended much like day one and so did day 3.

By day three I was in a full blow crisis mode. My spirit was crushed, my body was starving and my head was pounding. I gave up. I felt like a failure. I felt like I was never going to feel better.

The nutritionist made it seem so easy when I was in her office… what the heck was wrong with me….why couldn’t I do this simple thing? With my wounded spirit I put all the supplements in my medicine cabinet and tried to forget how little self control I had and suffered thru the rest of chiropractic school.

After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic I moved to Nashville to join an existing practice in Franklin, TN. At the time, Celeste Davis, lifestyle coach, was also working at the same clinic in Franklin, TN.  I was very impressed with the amazing transformations that many of her clients experienced. I was still exhausted from school and I was working long hours and not taking good care of myself. I knew that in order to be the best doctor that I could be something had to give.

I hesitantly decided to try the detox again. I had failed before and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another potential disappointment. But, I started meeting with Celeste and she walked me through the process. The first three days were a challenge but it was a challenge I was prepared for. Celeste armed me with loads of recipes and told me what to expect. She gave me home work that kept me focused on my goals and educated me as to why eating living food, the way God intended us to eat, was so vital to being healthy.  I had some headaches the first few days because of all of the toxins that were being released. The difference was this time I was able to keep the headaches to a minimum because I was getting adjusted regularly and utilizing enzyme therapy.

After day three I was a different person. I felt lighter, no more headaches, I was bright and still had energy at the end of the day. I had more of myself to give to my patients and my family. After three days I had achieved my goals. Only 3 days!

After the first week I had a complete breakthrough! Celeste helped me identify contradictions in my life and coached me through action steps to eliminate those contradictions. And in one of our sessions I had a major turning point in my life. During our session that day my life changed and I continue to see the benefits from that session daily. Many of the clients that have gone through this experience have breakthroughs in their life.

To this day I still follow many of the eating habits I gained during the detox. I do a mini detox very few months and do a complete detox about once a year. I have been armed with information that has allowed me to adopt a healthy lifestyle with ease.

The Total Health Makeover Program has evolved into a comprehensive program.
Now we are combining: chiropractic, colonics, massage therapy and RAW food. This is a winning combination and we are seeing even more breakthroughs happen for our clients. As with anything, you get out of it what you put in. When our clients follow the program and include all four treatments: chiropractic, colonics, massage, and RAW food, they see the best results.

As a team we are always leaning new ways to enhance your experience and serve you better. If you are present and follow the rules and seek help you can change your life

If you are hungry for change let us help you!

Dr. Kathleen Inman, D.C.,  is in practice in the Hermitage, TN, 10 minutes from downtown Nashville. http://www.inmanchiro.com/

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