Soothing Heartburn Smoothie

The combination of this Soothing Heartburn Smoothie and AIM BarleyLife are powerful, not only for relief, but for healing!

Joe called in a panic, I am so sick with heartburn.  I went to the ER and they checked everything, even ran me through “the tube”…everything is OK!  What can I do to stop this pain and sickness?.  I suggested a serving of The Garden Trio immediately.  The Garden Trio are 3 of the most healing juices, BarleyLife, JustCarrots and Redibeet. The next day Joe texted me…Garden Trio worked like magic!

Joe didn’t have the ingredients for this soothing heartburn smoothie, but Emily was amazed at how quickly it nipped her heartburn and GERD in the bud!  

Pineapple assists in digestion, cucumber is anti-inflammatory, celery soothes the digestive tract, ProPeas Protein Powder is an extremely clean and affordable protein powder, which alkalizes the gut and contains amino acids necessary for repair..add a teaspoon of AIM BarleyLife for even more healing power!

CVS pulls Zantac and other stomach meds containing potentially cancer causing substance, Ranitidine.


Once again, the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs are exposed as the FDA announced last month that the popular GERD and Acid Reflux over the counter drug, Zantac, and generic versions contain toxic levels of known carcinogen, Ranitidine.

This heartburn smoothie will work magic on your tummy!  Try it and see!

Need something quick and easy?  Another MAGIC food is the juice of young barley grass.  We use AIM BarleyLife daily and many of our students have found immediate relief AND healing of Heartburn, Acid  Reflux, GERD and other digestive disorders.

It’s easy to use too!  Just put one teaspoon in a shaker cup, shake and drink! AND it’s very affordable, just about 56 cents per serving.  

With AIM BarleyLIfe you are not only getting fast, comforting relief, you are sending your body healing goodness.

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