My What If is Changing

When I first heard the diagnosis…ovarian cyst with possible malignancy the “What If’s” were driving me crazy…you can read about that here.  After I was anointed with oil and told to stand in Confidence my “What If’s” changed from “What If something horrible happens” to “What If God really does heal me?”

They are equally scary thoughts…why?  Because the “What If God really does heal me is usually followed by the whisper of unbelief…”What if He doesn’t”.  The mind games the enemy plays with us are incredibly subtle and usually make sense on some level.

A week ago last Monday, after talking with Roxanne (read more about that here), I had the thought, likely led by the Holy Spirit, to measure my waist.  I’m not quite ready to share that number; suffice it to say I look like I’m carrying a very large baby in my belly and am regularly asked when my baby is due.  Hey I just realized I should have been using that as a good excuse to eat ice cream!

Yesterday, exactly a week later, I noticed my belly looked and felt smaller or flatter.  That voice again said “measure your waist”…Wow!  My belly was THREE INCHES SMALLER than the week before.  This is quite unusual because for 7 years it has grown progressively bigger.  This morning it felt smaller again so I measured…another inch gone…FOUR INCHES in a matter of days.

Thus the new “What If”…

  • What If God is healing me supernaturally.
  • What If I don’t have to have surgery.
  • What If I’m living out a miracle?

Why is that so amazingly exciting and scary at the same time?

All I know now is to continue to do what Roxanne said and what others have confirmed.

  • Stand in Confidence!
  • Use your mouth to speak the healing.

So tonight I put it out there on the radio for the world to hear.  God has healed me.  He said he has.  I get to watch it transpire.  Amazing!

I will continue to do so and again when that other voice says “What If He doesn’t?”

Do you ever have those “What Ifs”?

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