Walking with Jesus Through Luke

Why I Am Walking with Jesus through Luke

shareasimage-1My purpose is to read through the book of Luke as if I am walking through it in His time and in His country.  To understand it outside my self-absorbed Western life view.  Witnessing His life as Luke recorded it.  Luke was a physician and since I am all about health I chose to walk with Jesus through Luke’s eyes. Luke is the fullest and most orderly account of Jesus’ life on earth.  Luke was not a disciple…someone who walked with Jesus, he was a Greek doctor who was a companion of Paul, the Apostle. Luke opens the letter (which we call a book) to Theophilus which means, in Greek, “Lover of God” with the intent of this letter being read aloud when Christians gathered for the Lord’s supper, what we now call “communion”.  He wrote from a perspective of what happened and what does it mean?  Stating he “carefully investigated” both the eyewitness accounts, written accounts and historical accounts in order to write an orderly account of Jesus life.  “so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught”.

The most important relationship in my life is with my covenant partner, Jesus Christ.  

  • He is my identity-I am a much loved daughter of the King of the Universe.
  • He is my authority – I submit my body, my soul (mind, will and emotions) and my spirit to Him on a daily basis.
  • He is my provider, Jehovah-Jireh; everything I have comes from Him alone.
  • He is my protector, the blood of Jesus, the Name of Jesus and the Word of God have authority over EVERYTHING in heaven, on earth and under the earth.
  • He is my possessor – I am possessed with and compelled with the Love of Christ.


He is often the last one I meet with on a daily basis.  If I turn on the computer or look at my phone I can lose the hours that belong only to Him.  So I’ve committed to spend my first hours with Him; no looking at the phone or the computer, answering texts or phone calls.  No TV, books or “to-do” lists.  I’ve been somewhat successful at this but not totally so this morning I felt His direction to begin to blog daily what I’ve been writing in my notebook.  Both to share and for accountability.  My commitment to my covenant partner to share what He shares with me…and so these blogs through the book of Luke.

Things I will watch for:

  • Who were the people Jesus touched?
  • How did He relate to them?
  • What kind of help did He offer or not offer?
  • In His life who were the characters and their relationship to Him?
  • Take note of anything that references Joy and Rejoicing
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