Table of Posts, Walking with Jesus through Luke

I am writing my thoughts and studies from an evangelical, covenant frame of reference.  I enjoy looking at the original Hebrew and Greek text in the Strong’s Concordance and at times will look at historic commentaries such as Matthew Henry and current authors…I will try to give the name of the person when I am influenced by someone else.
  1. Introduction – Why Am I Walking with Jesus through Luke?
  2. What was happening in the world when this was written?
  3. Who Ruled Israel?
  4. When Answers to Prayer are Delayed Due to God’s Perfect Timing
  5. Zachariah’s Child Rearing Manual
  6. What Will This Child Be…How Well Does God Know Me?
  7. The Spirit of The Lord and The Fear of The Lord
  8. A Super-Natural Response to Answered Prayer-Elizabeth
  9. When Answers to Prayer are Delayed Due to Unforgiveness
  10. When Answers to Prayer are Delayed So We Can Learn to Trust God
  11. When Answers to Prayer are Delayed Because We Want a Different Answer
  12. When Answers to Prayer are Delayed Due to Injustice or Unfairness in OUR hearts
  13. A Super-Natural Response to a Difficult Situation-Mary
  14. How Did the Jewish Culture Teach Sexuality and Virginity?
  15. How Big is God in My Life?
  16. Why Jesus Came
  17. How Did Jesus Coming Enable Me To Live Without Fear?
  18. Why Was Jesus Born in Bethlehem?
  19. Why Did the Angels Tell the Shepherds First?
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