Why Did I “Suddenly” Get Sick?

Why Did I “Suddenly” Get Sick?

Sunday morning I was sleeping well, minding my own business and wham…suddenly I had a sore throat that was killer!  What???

I got up, drank some water and I could feel it…this is not going to be good.  Now I have LOTS of tools in my health toolkit but it is hard sometimes to “treat” yourself.  I talked to myself as if I was a student or client and came up with a plan.

Get Under the Hot House.  The Hot House is a far-infrared dome.  I love that thing and other than my BarleyLife juices, it’s always my first go to if I’m feeling a little “Off”.  The Hot House directs heat waves that are the same frequency of those deep healing rays of the sun.  Imagine a beautiful day on the beach you’ve got those deep penetrating rays going into your body…you sleep…that’s how it feels only without any harmful UV rays.  It’s divine and very healing.  So I went down to our “therapy room” and put that thing right over my head!  It worked great…the pain went away and I drifted back to sleep.   Problem solved…or so I thought.

This crazy flu bug has gripped my like a wrench and won’t let go.  Now it’s in my chest and forcing me to do something I never do…just stop and rest.  So there is a lesson there, right?

When I have a client or student return to me with illness, when they had experienced great healing, we always go back to “what are you doing differently”.  So I asked myself.  I have not had this bronchial thing in 10 years…what is different.  I realized I have been eating a lot more dairy this year.  Good dairy, homemade kefir and little bits of high quality cheese, an ice cream here and there, I stopped asking them to take the cheese off my salad and ordered more blue cheese dressing.

Dairy is highly mucous forming and especially for me.  My body already had mucous so when the nasty bug found it’s way in…it had a nice cozy home.  Well; I’m re-convinced and dairy is no longer on my mind or my plate…I won’t soon forget.  Dairy was likely the “Tipping Point” and it’s wrecked my week!

Interesting side note...Last week I was asked to schedule an AIM class for April and I flippantly suggested the topic “How to create a healthy medicine cabinet”.  Well now I’m armed and ready for that one!

Tipping Points

A few months ago I was sitting with my husband watching a log truck being loaded from a big pile of logs.


A big machine was picking up several tree-sized logs at a time from a giant pile of logs and stacking the them on a log truck.  I was marveling at the intricacy of this big machine and it’s operator when suddenly, it picked up one tiny little log and the whole pile came tumbling down.  That one little log was keeping the big stack intact.  That little tiny log created the tipping point for the whole stack to come down.


We All Have Tipping Points

The other day I was talking with a client.  This individual was suffering from a cascade of health problems and the doctors seemed to have no concrete answers.  “We need to do this test to check for this”.  “You may have this…oh, no you don’t.”  Let’s try this medication for this symptom and see if it helps.  It doesn’t.  This individual, with tears said…I was fine, energy, no pain, then one thing went wrong and now I’m falling apart.

My heart went out to this person, I understood and felt the frustration, anger and hopelessness.

We looked at this individual’s history, food and lifestyle choices and I explained that this individual’s body was at a tipping point and the one health event crashed the entire system…just like that one tiny log let the whole pile crash.

This is what happens with our body.  You see the human body is dynamic.  It is always changing; over 3 million cells die every second.  If you remember high school biology.  A cell divides before it dies.  One part dies, the other half is the new cell.  The new cell is an EXACT replica of the old one.

If the old cell is toxic and damaged the new cell will be toxic and damaged.  HOWEVER, if the old cell is cleansed and repaired, the new cell will be stronger and healthier than the old one.  Why does this matter?

Every part of your body is made up of cells.  If your cells are unhealthy your body is unhealthy; if you begin to nourish and cleanse your cells your body becomes healthy.

So my client, due to poor diet and lifestyle choices had not been giving the body what it needed to cleanse and repair.  Thus, when that one last “event” happened, the body crumbled.  It had nothing left to “hold back” the cascade of damaged cells.

Medications are often a “Tipping Point”

Before you read any further please pay attention to this…DO NOT EVER….EVER….EVER STOP MEDICATIONS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR’S HELP.  I’m not advocating that no one takes medications.  But I do know that when you clean up your diet and resolve your stress you may not need medications.  I’ve said this so many times!

I often have people come to me for help because they are seriously ill and no one seems to know why.  As we look at their history they have stopped a medication without doing it correctly.  This left them with terrible side effects that were life altering and sometimes life threatening!

Work with your doctor, they will help you do it right.  If they don’t want to cooperate then find a doctor who wants to you get well.

This individual had one more major strike against them.  Their medications.  Everyone of their medications listed the same negative side effects they were experiencing.  This person was shocked to learn the medications and what they thought was healthy food were at the root of their problem.

I see this frequently.  An individual sees a specialist for this or that, each one prescribes drugs for symptoms and for some reason no one, even the pharmacy, is looking at drug interactions or side effects.  But you can be on top of it!  You can check out your medications or ask your pharmacist to give you a print out of the side effects of a prescription or even run a drug interaction report.  You have the right to know these things!  A great book to have on hand is called Drug Muggers by Suzy Cohen, R.Ph, a pharmacist with a passion for natural and holistic health.  The book is a great reference to see what nutrients pharmaceutical drugs may be robbing (mugging) from your body and what to do about it.  Really sound advice.

As my client saw these interaction and realized what they thought was “healthy eating” –  wasn’t – they got mad and rightfully so.  Why doesn’t anyone tell us this?  What can we do about it?

Her first job was to start with an alkaline diet and see her doctor about these prescriptions and their adverse reactions.

Blood Pressure Medicines are HUGE for robbing your body of the vital nutrients you need to be healthy and to NOT have high blood pressure!  It’s crazy.  I’ll be talking about that in my next post. (Don’t stop your BP meds…you hear?)

Until then…look at your own body and health history you might find the tipping point and know where to start to recover.  I love to help people become their own health detectives and work with their body to restore their health and thus their life.

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