Pain, Pain Go Away!

Pain, Pain Go Away!

5 Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain Naturally

Pain, Pain Go Away!  Millions of people around the world say this on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.  On this particular episode of The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour Phil & Celeste discuss Phil’s bout with prostate and kidney problems last year, his healing and 5 ways to relieve chronic pain naturally.

Pain is a double edged sword.  It is our body’s God-Designed-Way to alert us of problems, like the check-engine light in our car.  Yet it is something we want to get away from and stop as soon as possible.  However, stopping pain with pharmaceutical drugs long term does not “do a body good”.

I remember the first time I used an opioid pain killer, after dental surgery, back in the 1990s.  I took it for about a week and it seemed my pain was getting worse!  I called the dentist’s office and the nurse told me if I took it too often and too long it would definitely get worse.  In fact, every time you take a pharmaceutical pain pill your body produces new pain receptors.  A National Institute of Health study on opioids states that clinical research corresponds with anecdotal reports that long term use also increases sensitivity to noise and other pain (1) which can produce anxiety, and mood changes.

God’s design wants you to fix the problem…not eliminate the pain!  The Coleman Institute specializes in helping people detox from opioid pain medications; a difficult proposition.  They state that not only do opioid pain medications increase your pain signals, they also cause you to interpret the pain as more serious.  This causes more physical problems, including adrenal fatigue.

2015 was a year of learning for us.  We had been completely healthy, with not even the flu for 10 years and then we both experienced major health issues.  Unbeknownst to us Phil had lost his right kidney as the result of kidney infection while helping his buddy on a farm in the summer of 2013.  The poor kidney function affected other parts of his body and eventually completely closed his prostate.  He became ill and near death with Stage 4 kidney failure.  Opening his prostate with a TURP procedure improved his kidney function and then we were able to put our good nutrition knowledge to work to assist the body in healing.

Surgery always involves pain and the answer is usually opioid pain medication.  You may have seen the  commercials for a “new syndrome” called Opioid Induced Constipation.  These strong pain medications literally paralyze your colon so the waste is not moved through the large intestine and out of your body.  Phil and I both were concerned about this terrible result of pain medication and determined we would do everything we could to lessen our use of pain meds post surgery.

It worked!  An anti-inflammatory diet combined with organic bone broth, probiotics, chia seeds, magnesium and Wobenzyme, a natural pain relief, made it possible for us to both completely stop all hospital and doctor prescribed pain medications before leaving the hospital.  Not only that, we did not suffer from Opioid Induced Constipation.  That is for another blog.

In this episode we discuss 5 ways to relieve pain naturally in addition to Phil’s recovery story.

Find your spot! Move the play button to one of these times for specific information:

  • 2:24 – Phil talks about his surgery and kidney failure
  • 14:28 to 19:29 – Song – Mystery – by Lana Thrasher and Robin Roe from the album “Friend to Friend”
  • 20:42 – 5 Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain
  • 21:03 – Control Your Mind – the effects of positive and negative input on pain levels-“A 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences revealed that grateful people report feeling healthier than their less-grateful counterparts.” (2)
  • 24:36 – Clear Your Heart – the effects of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness on chronic pain.  Proverbs 14:30 A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.
  • 28:42 – Clean Up Your Food – What you eat may fan the fires of inflammation. (3)
  • 33:14 – Foods to bring (and not bring) to your sick friends and family
  • 36:09 – Foods Phil uses on the road to continue his healing process
  • 51:35 – Supplements that help
  • 52:09 – Omega 3 oils
  • 52:51 – Topical Magnesium
  • 54:28 – 9-proven supplements for arthritis. See link below
  • 54:41 – Wobenzyme
  • 55:27 – AIM products
  • 56:06 – Machines that reduce pain – increase circulation, energy, reduce inflammation and repair at the cellular level
  • 57:53 – Chiropractic for pain


We didn’t talk about chronic migraines, however this stops migraines in it’s tracks for many people. Our students find that taking 4 Prepzymes and using the AIM topical magnesium when they feel a migraine coming on stops migraines in their tracks.


Arthritis Note: Do you suffer from joint or muscle pain? Participants in our My Busy Healthy Life program see amazing improvements in their arthritis pain and reduce flare-ups as they cleanse their body, learn to eat an alkaline diet and understand what foods may be causing their particular symptoms. They need few symptoms and find the alkaline diet, the AIM juices and regular daily movement provide the best relief.


9 proven supplements for arthritis:



(1) Opioids and the Treatment of Chronic Pain: Controversies, Current Status, and Future Directions

(2) 7 Reasons Why Gratitude is the Best Medicine by Gabriella Pinto-Coelho

(3) What You Eat Can Fuel the Flames of Inflammation


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