How to Resist Disease & Be Healthy

How to Resist Disease &

Be Healthy

Resist Disease.  We see these tags on plants and even certain animals like chickens, telling us the varieties we purchase don’t succumb to disease that destroys the plant or chicken’s capability to produce.  We would never purchase a plant or animal with a tag that says “succombs easily to disease.”  That would be foolish.  This may sound odd to some people, but humans can be “disease resistant” as well.

Good health is all about understanding how you were made and what you require to “run well”.  This concept is very familiar in the context of your car.  You know your car was made to require good tires, good fuel, clean oil, and water in the radiator to run well.  Because you know what your car requires,  you give your car what it needs.  You don’t substitute something that is cheaper, easier or that you like better.  You give your car what it needs so it can get you around…right?

So here it is plain and simple…you must have the mineral elements of the earth and a relationship with the Creator to resist disease.

Dr. Bernard Jensen quotes V.G. Rocine, a norweigian homeopathic doctor from the 1800s.

 “our bodies are made of the dust of the earth, the chemical elements that make up the soil of our planet….unless we know and use foods that have the right chemical elements needed to sustain health, we are hopelessly unable to resist disease.” (1)

This is statement is true from both a Biblical and scientific standpoint.  Many of our chronic diseases are the result of not properly nourishing our bodies with the elements God put in the soil.  This is partially because of depleted soil, but mostly due to our uninformed choices with regard to our food, lifestyle and thoughts.

Become “Disease Resistant”

If we want to resist disease and live well, then we must understand what our body needs; in the same way we understand what our car needs.  I call this “The Wellness Partnership”.  God made our bodies to function well, heal itself, remove toxins in a timely and safe manner, rebuild and repair.  However, to do this our body needs the right building materials and these are not found in pharmaceutical drugs but in the earth God made our bodies from.

The reason most humans are no longer “disease resistant” is because we believe we have a choice.  We believe we can give our body food that is convenient rather than nourishing.  We believe we can push our bodies to the point of exhaustion and be “out of gas”, rather than giving them the rest they require to rejuvenate.  We believe we can make food, lifestyle and even spiritual choices based on our taste or how much it costs, rather than what our body needs to repair, rebuild and replenish.

When we make choices based on convenience, cost and taste … we succumb to diseases of body, soul and spirit.


How to Resist Disease

Dr. Jensen goes on to say

disease and loss of good health are not accidental.  You have to violate nature’s laws to lose your health and develop disease. You have to eat, drink and think yourself into disease.  You have to work hard to break down some parts of your body.

If you want out of disease, you have to work your way out of it just like you worked your way into it.  You start to reverse this ‘disease way of life’ by learning the right way of living.(2)

In addition to the right minerals and chemicals from the earth we have breath in our lungs because God himself breathed into man.  We must have the breath of God in our lives on a daily basis to resist disease of the soul and the body.

Your Age Doesn’t Matter, Your Body Was Created to Repair

The past 11 years I’ve been walking with people to restore their health body, soul and spirit.  When my students begin to eat from the earth; God-Made foods and allow the ‘Breath of God’ to be their source for life and peace, they experience true health and resist disease.

Here’s the really good news…it doesn’t matter how old you are or how “diseased”.  God designed your body to heal; when you partner with his design, the body will do it’s job.  Just today one of my students, who is reversing a serious chronic health problem with God-Made-Foods and a God-Breathed lifestyle, told me

I spent the weekend caring for “a bunch of sick people with the flu…and I didn’t get sick!  It’s amazing!

A year ago, this person had been the ‘sick one’, succombing easily to disease.  Applying the principles of The Wellness Partnership, she is happily is becoming “disease resistant”.

I tried to recover my health for four years.  Then I discovered The Wellness Partnership.  Now Phil and I eat from the earth.  Every day we drink God-Made juices that contain pounds of nourishment from the earth.  We enjoy small portions of animal protein from animals that are disease resistant and eat from the earth.   Daily we allow the Breath of God to sustain us and guide us as we read His word and spend time in prayer.   The result?  At 60-ish years of age (never thought I’d say that) we both have perfect cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and stamina and yes we are “disease resistant”.  We truly are “Wonderfully Well”.

My new program, “Be Nourished 4 Life” teaches The Wellness Partnership

Fun and engaging weekly lessons walk you step by step to learn nourish your body with God-Made-Foods and allow the breath of God to fill your life…so you can resist disease and your body is able to accomplish all your heart and mind dreams.

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