Lower Blood Pressure Naturally – A Tale of Two Sisters

Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally - A Tale of Two SistersLower Blood Pressure Naturally –

A Tale of Two Sisters

Are you ready to lower your blood pressure naturally?

I must tell you a Tale of Two Sisters…(they asked me to change their names…their shy…but this is a very true story!)

Lucy and Vi are in their late 60s-early 70s.  Lucy was pretty healthy and had made a few changes but wasn’t really willing to completely change her diet….until she was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Not one to take medicines, Lucy called me.  “I’ve got to do something to get this blood pressure down, can you help me?”  I suggested she join one of our 4-month Mastermind Groups, which she did.

Now Lucy is an all or nothing gal so she gave the program her full attention, following the plan to a “T”.  The first week she said “I can’t do this…this is so different from what I’m used to…and I miss my treats!  I don’t want to feel deprived.”

I suggested she just give it another few days and watch what happens to her blood pressure.  By day 10 Lucy’s blood pressure was normal and she was ecstatic.  “I can’t believe it!  This is so simple…I can definitely do this!”  and then she called her sister, Vi.

Sisters Working Together!

Vi also had high blood pressure and digestion issues.  She was on several medications and using Advil daily, sometimes more than once. Vi hoped the program would work for her and in Lucy’s second week Vi began the program.  The two sisters encouraged one another and Lucy helped Vi navigate the rough waters of the first week.  Then Vi called…my blood pressure is normal, my digestion is good and I’m off all my medications, including Advil…no more pain!

Hubby Joins In!

But wait…it gets better… Vi’s husband said HE wanted to start what she was doing.  He noticed she became “a lot nicer and easier to be around” and he wanted some of that.  Now Vi’s husband, George, had some serious problems.  He was on many medications including medicine for GERD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.  He was using a walker, no longer able to drive or get out alone.  He was on medication for severe diabetic neuropathy.  George’s doctors told him it would be a matter of months and they would need to begin amputating his toes and feet.  George and Vi were shopping for a wheel chair.

George began doing exactly what his wife Vi and her sister Lucy were doing.  Following the program exactly.  It wasn’t too long before his blood pressure normalized and he too no longer needed medication for GERD.  He started in October.  By January he was no longer using his walker.  In the spring he began going to the gym every day and walking in his neighborhood. After 8 months of his new way of eating George’s doctor told him he no longer has diabetic neuropathy.  He doesn’t need the medicines he was on and he no longer has to worry about amputation –

George got his life back.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally - A Tale of Two Sisters

Good Nutrition May Give You Your Life Back!


The take away?   There are two:

  1.  God created your body to heal…it just needs you to give it the right building materials.
  2. Your healthy lifestyle, if you embrace it joyfully and with full effort, could actually impact someone who is looking at a death sentence.  Powerful stuff.


It’s like I tell our mastermind and blood pressure groups…

Don’t let someone else’s addictions or resistance to your self-care determine your choices and your future.  (Celeste Davis)

Stories like this that make me want to jump up and down.  I knew Lucy and Vi would have good results but I’m always unsure about someone with serious issues like George.  Once again God’s design is proven, if we give the body what it needs to heal…it will heal everything!

You too can experience these types of amazing results with the right nutrient dense foods and healthy lifestyle practices your God-Made body was designed to heal!

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