Healthy Holiday Snacks…Gluten Free Too!

We take our AIM juice powders on the road  Check it out here.

Be sure and take your dehydrated juice powders with you.  They are a great way to get tons of nutrition and alkalize your body even if you don’t eat perfect…you know…hot dogs, s’mores, ice cream…the typical 4th of July fare.  Many of our friends and students take them on missions trips, business trips or even camping.

We take:

  • The Garden Trio (this is the BarleyLife, RediBeet and Just Carrots juice powders)
  • Peak Endurance (an electrolyte replacement and energy drink – think super healthy gatorade that tastes great and works better)
  • Red Rush (a nitric oxide boost that gives you a 10-hour energy boost without caffeine or junk)
  • Cocoa Leaf Greens (just what it says…greens and cocoa, we add it to our smoothies)
  • ProPeas protein powder for a smoothie with frozen fruit (we usually take our magic bullet on trips)

Dollarphotoclub_66557320-1030x6864th of July Food is Acid Forming and that’s bad news….A typical Standard American Diet Day has an acidity load of 17-ish.  This will cause you to gain weight, increase pain and promote disease, osteoprosis and muscle loss.

Don’t despair!  ONE SERVING of the Garden Trio (BarleyLife Juice, Beet Juice and Carrot Juice) has an alkalizing effect of 14.5.  So if you add one more serving of BarleyLife to your day you will wipe out the dangerous acid load.  Add another whole serving of the Garden Trio and you are really getting great benefit! It is so simple to get this great nutrition.  Add a teaspoon to water in a shaker cup, shake and drink…it takes seconds.

Nabisco Is Deceiving Us! Speaking of Gluten Free Crackers…Don’t be fooled by Nabico’s “new” Brown Rice Triscuit.  The THIRD ingredient is WHEAT!  I know, it is amazing how deceitful these companies are.

By the way one more of our favorite things to take on vacation is AIM magnificence spray…sometimes you get charlie horses or muscle cramps when you are playing harder than your body is accustomed to.  One or two sprays of AIM magnificence and the cramps stop in seconds!

Our favorite crackers are:  Mary’s Gone Crackers, great texture and taste…no junk.

I’d love to hear your favorite grab and go treats…give us some ideas!

Healthy Holiday Snacks

This is a quick simple list you can grab and go at your local grocery store. Why wait to find out you are hungry at the gas station where they only have REALLY EXPENSIVE junk food! Let each family member make their own baggies or containers of their favorite snacks...then everyone is happy and when the gas station is tempting, you have a great alternative on hand.


Use any of the following:
  • Gluten Free Crackers or cut up raw veggies and hummus (we like Mary's Gone Crackers)
  • Organic corn chips and guacamole or fresh pico de gallo  (we like xochitl organic corn chips-non GMO)
  • Fresh Fruit Kebabs (drizzle with melted xoxo organic chocolate...yum!)
  • Frozen Grapes
  • Homemade trail mix with raw nuts, seeds and organic raisins (1 cup each nuts/seeds 1/3 cup raisins)
  • Kombucha to drink (we like Enlightened Raw and Organic in the refrigerated juices case)
  • Raw almond butter and celery or apples
  • Lara Bars (stay away from the polka dot packages they have sugar in them)

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