My Go-To Kitchen Tools

My Go-To Kitchen Tools

If you were hiring me to personally mentor you, one-on-one, in healthy eating, the first place we would start is making sure you have the right equipment to do the job; My Go-To Kitchen Tools.

My Go-To Kitchen Tools

You see, when you start creating your own food, and especially if you are eating Alkaline, which means lots of veggies and fruits, you must invest in some good kitchen tools.  Otherwise you will burn out; like building a house with a kids hammer would be impossible, trying to create healthy meals without the right tools is…discouraging at best. I’ve been creating healthy, alkaline meals since 2005 and these are my go-to kitchen tools.  I use them at least weekly and some of them daily.

Add a One Tool at a Time

You don’t have to purchase my go-to kitchen tools all at once, I’ve given you the “immediate must haves” and the “nice to have” as well.  “Must haves” will make or break your ability to do this long term.  “Nice to have” makes the job even easier.

My Go-To Kitchen Tools

I don’t like to have a bunch of “machines” taking up space in my kitchen.  Below are links to my main kitchen tools.

  • Must Have – Xyliss Salad Spinner:  You cannot be without this one. I’ve had 2 salad spinners in the past 20 years and both were Xyliss.  Why?  I’ve used other brands at my student’s homes and friends homes and they just are weak and ineffective compared to the Xyliss.
  • Nice to Have – Ninja Kitchen:  When the Ninja first came out I was not impressed.  However, Ninja products have definitely become worthy competitors of more expensive VitaMix and Blend Tech.  What I love is that you have one base with all the tools you’ll ever need.  I use the food processor and the smoothie cup the most with this tool.  It’s definitely the most expensive but so worth it to have one power base with lots of different options.  You can also get a Ninja Kitchen with a spiralizer.
  • Must Have – Veggetti Spiralizer:  “As seen on TV”, lol… this is so simple, easy to store and I often grab it to do my zucchini or cucumbers.  Bonus- it’s only about $10 bucks! Honestly, it’s really not strong enough for harder veggies like carrots.  I love it.
  • Must Have – Mandolin I use pretty much every day.  Grab a carrot, onion, cucumber, pepper, a few quick slides over the mandolin and your salad is ready.
  • Must Have – 2 Sharp Knives: If you are going to eat alkaline you need 2 knives; a big one to cut up cabbage, carrots, etc. and a smaller one for tomatoes and chopping, etc.  You can spend ALOT of $$ on good knives.  If you do, be sure to learn how to sharpen them; because knives have to be sharpened.
  • Must Have – Magic Bullet is the least expensive high speed blender.  If you are going to make smoothies, salad dressings, etc and don’t want the expense of the Ninja Kitchen invest in a Magic Bullet.  Mine lasted for 7 years and I used it daily.
  • Nice to Have – Cut Resistant Gloves will make a difference long-term.  The more you use sharp knives the more you are likely to cut yourself.  These gloves are very protective.


Xyliss Salad Spinner

Ninja Kitchen System with spiralizer, food processor, high speed blender and smoothie cup (like a magic bullet)

Vegetti Spiralizer

Gourmia Stainless Steel Mandolin.  The only mandoline I’ve ever used is just like this one.  They don’t make my brand any longer.  What I love about it..  This has a built in adjustable blade so you don’t have some big box of blades sitting around.  Reviews also say it is very sharp; which is good, however, watch your fingers!

Magic Bullet

Cut Resistant Gloves

Affliliate Disclosure: I am an amazon affiliate, if you decide to purchase one of these products through Amazon, I would love for you to purchase by clicking on the picture and going through my link.  I only recommend products I use; every little bit helps to keep this blog going.


My Go-To Kitchen Tools


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