Why You Crave Potato Chips and What to do about it

Why You Crave Potato Chips and What to do about it

Why Do You Crave Potato Chips and after a Stressful Day?

What potato chip makers aren’t telling us….Chewing on Crunchy Foods Reduce Your Stress…

Scientists have found that chewing on crunchy foods inhibits the body’s ability to release the stress hormone, Cortisol! Who Knew? Apparently the food manufacturing industry! (4)
David, from the Phsychology of Eating blog says…
“So important is the level of crunch that many years ago, potato-chip manufacturers developed a sophisticated apparatus to measure the perceived level of crunch that consumers hear in their heads. The most pleasurable decibel levels were deciphered, and potato chips were subsequently manufactured to these standard orgasmic crunch levels.” (1)

Better Crunchy-Chewy Choices


You can get stress relief from better foods than potato chips! Turns out ANY crunchy food will abate that flood of cortisol. In fact, crunchy foods help you think better, respond better and improve your brain stem activity!

Nuts are the best!

Nuts are a great choice for Crunching Away Your Stress! They provide the chewing factor to restrict cortisol, they provide beneficial fats to soothe your nervous system and if you eat nuts with sea salt the salt is also soothing to your nervous system. Just make sure your crunchy nuts are not deep fried but roasted and doused with beneficial salt such as himalyan pink or celtic sea salt.

BONUS! Nuts help reduce belly fat…

while potato chips pack it on.

We choose almonds because they are alkalizing.

crave potato chips

Cashews are great stress busters!

According to Dr. Andrew Saul, www.doctoryourself.com
” just one big handful of cashews provides one to two thousand milligrams of tryptophan, which will work as well as prescription antidepressants… “(2)

Chewing improves brain function and gives babies stronger brains

Chewing has been shown to improve mental endurance in children and cognitive ability and happiness in the elderly. And get this…

Chewing helps babies to develop bigger and stronger brains and actually effects the size and ability of your brain as an adult! This must be why God made babies want to chew when they are teething. Rather than give them medicine to stop the pain…give them something to chew on! (3)

Chewing also releases nitric oxide in the blood which carries oxygen throughout the body, relaxes blood vessels lowering blood pressure and gives you energy and better brain function. (3)

THE LESSON HERE…crunch away your stress with healthier choices and your belly fat will begin to disappear.
Other Nourishing Crunchy Stress Busters:
  • Apple or Celery with Almond Butter
  • Raw Sweet Potato (yes…its yummy)

What if you have a nut allergy?

  • Go for crunchy veggies dipped in guacamole, avocado is a beneficial fat!
Do you have any suggestions for nourishing crunchy stress busters?
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