Merry Christmas From Phil & Celeste Davis


Today we are amazed and thankful for our Wellness Workshop Family.  10 years ago we were both fat, sick and tired and we didn’t know why…today we feel much younger and stronger, even as we approach the crest of “the Hill”…almost 60.

I can say I have more vision and more energy now than I did in my early 40s and so much more peace as I learn to walk in covenant with my savior, my redeemer, my friend, Jesus Christ.

Phil & I enjoyed going up the mountain behind our home with his brother Jon and his wife Cyndi and cutting our own Christmas tree. Our tree this year is 13 feet 3 inches tall! He really had to stretch to put those ornaments right where I wanted them…ha ha!

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The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour, a 5-year dream come true!

Us-radio-e1419296031149So many changes for The Wellness Workshop this year as we reached our 9 year anniversary of wellness.  One of the best surprises was being given the opportunity to host our radio show, now in it’s second year, The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour airing Tuesdays at 5 pm Pacic locally on KITC 106.5 FM and live streaming world wide at

We’ve had some amazing guests give hope as they share their stories of healing chronic disease such as diabetes, life threatening food allergies and even terminal cancer; not to mention up to 100 pounds of amazing weight loss.

We’ve learned from microbiologists, scientists, doctors and nurses sharing why food is healing for the body.  Shannon Garrett, AutoImmune RN educated us monthly on thyroid and adrenal health.

We’ve learned from motivational guests and guests sharing their stories of recovering from terrible loss.  Our lives are richer in so many ways because of this radio program.  You can check out the archives here.

Speaking, Teaching and Videos!

US-AIM-GALA-300x240In the spring we spent hours preparing to speak at the AIM International Wellness Convention.  Phil and I literally practiced at our kitchen counter over 100 times for a 40 minute presentation.

Our first run through was an hour and a half!  Yikes…so we needed to practice and refine and it paid off, we were relaxed and enjoyed every minute of the convention, meeting others with the same outlook towards natural health and wellness as well as our “stage time”.

We also had much preparation to do as a video team of 4 came and spent the week at our mountain home in Central Oregon.  What fun that was!


Cooking Videos

IMG_3097-225x300We filmed 6 cooking videos, an interview and some personal insight into our lives here on the mountain. If you would like to learn our BIGGEST SECRET FOR SUCCESS and see how we do it.

That video is available NOW!  Check it out here.

Summer brought lots of family to the mountain with Phil’s brother Jon and his wife Cyndi coming home from China for several months and a short visit with their son Phillip and his wife Michelle and 2 little daughters, Phil’s mom,  brother Doug and wife Michelle and their family.  In addition to visits from my parents throughout the year.  On my vision board 2015 is the year of the child as we get our own children and grandchildren up on the mountain for lots of fun!

Phil and Jon worked together doing a remodel on Jon’s log home (we live right next door to each other on the mountain) and we enjoyed lots of family coming up for weekend visits.  This was a challenge to our normal routine of eating healthy as all the “old foods” and temptations abounded.  We did our best and tried to introduce some of our favorites to friends and family over the summer.

Church Wellness in Pendleton Oregon in October

One of our callings is to redeem the health of God’s people so their bodies are able to accomplish what their hearts and minds dream.  Pastor Tim Van Cleave has been encouraging his people to “Cooperate With God” on all aspects of health, physical, emotional and spiritual and invited us to share with his church in Pendleton, Oregon in October.  Phil enjoyed being part of the worship team on the bass, we shared a song together and brought a challenge to the church to Honor God with their bodies.  Sunday night we enjoyed an enthusiastic group for a healthy cooking class and Q & A.  We would love to come to your church!  Give us a call. 615-975-0186.  More Info here.

The Garden Trio Makes Juicing Easy!

Merry Christmas from the DavisesWe are us SO THANKFUL for our AIM products, the Garden Trio, 3 dehydrated juice powders that made it super easy to get our juices in (prep time 30 seconds total) during this extremely busy summer.  More info here.



Phil’s Fall Health Challenge….and the miracle of BarleyLife and Baking Soda

Phil decided to see if he could handle some work he did as a younger man…at the local saw mill on the lumber pull chain…after all he felt younger and stronger than he did when he was young and strong!  He gained a reputation of outworking all the 18 year olds there…even at almost 60…but found it was super hard on his body and not something he could maintain long term.

The hard work and long hours strained his body to the point of adrenal fatigue and kidney and UTI infections.  Had he not had the strength of years of eating and living well I fear we may have lost him; Phil dropped about 20 pounds this fall… it was a difficult time.  Antibiotics helped with the infection but the real healing came as he did a cleanse including massive amounts of BarleyLife to support his immune system and a Baking Soda cleanse which was intense, however, the baking soda was the catalyst needed to restore him to complete health.  Today he is back to his happy healthy self.

Phil & Celeste Davis




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