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My Busy Healthy Life webinars for each phase of the program begin with “How to Cleanse the Right Way”, December 2013.

From Fat, Sick and Tired to Wonderfully Well, August 2013

  • Sorry, no notes for this class…it is a great healthy eating “primer” class!

How to Cleanse the Right Way, Cleanse the Right Way, December 2013

  • Cleanse the Right Way Notes

Phase 1 My Busy Healthy Life Prepare for Your Cleanse, January 2014

Phase 2 My Busy Healthy Life, Be Successful at Your Cleanse, February 2014

Phase 3 My Busy Healthy Life, Reintroducing Foods and Listening to Your Body

Phase 4 My Busy Healthy Life, Eating for Balance, for Life – The Alkaline Diet Plan made Easy