Shannon is a regular guest on The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour, hosted by Phil & Celeste Davis 7pm CST THIRD  Tuesday each month.

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Shannon Garrett is a RN not an MD. The information presented in this program is not intended to be taken as medical advice. All details shared by her are meant to be a source of information that will hopefully guide you to optimal health. Shannon Garrett hopes you find her tips helpful as a learning tool and asks that you consult your physician prior to starting any diet, exercise, or supplement regimen. Feel free to share any information presented tonight with anyone who might also find it useful. Thanks for listening!  Shannon Garrett RN

About Shannon
Shannon Garrett is a Certified Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and Registered Nurse. Prior to embarking upon her newest career, she was a cardiac nurse at St. Thomas West Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee where she also completed her nurse residency. Shannon attended the prestigious Aquinas College School of Nursing and completed her degree Magna cum Laude. She has been in the medical field for 30 years and decided to reinvent herself by becoming a nurse after a long career as an orthotist/prosthetist during which time she was founder and CEO of her own orthopedic patient care company in Paducah, Kentucky.

Shannon practices as a holistic nurse and holds a B.S. degree in Human Development with expertise in nutrition and training in over 100 dietary theories, behavioral therapy, societal therapy, anxiety, stress, depression, and emotional well-being.

Having navigated the life-altering effects of multiple chronic illnesses for approximately 20 years, Shannon took new approaches to wellness and reliance on her faith to find the blessings in these new challenges.  Shannon has over 20,000 documented hours of journalistic research studying chronic health issues, preventive medicine, regenerative and anti-aging medicine, complementary alternative modalities; and proclaims to be a “perpetual student” to fulfill her passion of helping others who struggle with health or wellness issues by being abreast of cutting-edge and innovative wellness protocols to bring to her clients.

Shannon also educates others about her arduous journey with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Celiac disease, Interstitial Cystitis, and the associated issues of adrenal fatigue to give hope and support as she guides others about living with various autoimmune disorders, particularly the many complexities of autoimmune thyroid disease.  As a nurse entrepreneur who personally and professionally practices holistic healing combined with knowing what many people are suffering from in today’s society, Shannon has established Shannon Garrett Wellness to guide others toward optimal health and thriving again.

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  • Advocate: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and LDN Research Trust/England: Shannon advocates for patients by educating doctors and pharmacists on the use of LDN in autoimmune condition
  • Volunteer Admin for the Facebook Support Group: “Beating Thyroid Disease with LDN” (3,000+ members) founded and moderated by Deb Anderson Eastman
  • Contributing author: My New Year’s Revolution: Transformation Stories to Revolutionize Your Life by Celeste Davis
  • Committee’s Served:
    • St. Thomas Hospital Patient & Family Advisory Council
    • St. Thomas Hospital Skin Prevalence Study Team
    • St. George’s Church Co-Chair, Community Health Fair
    • St. George’s Church, Chair, Celebration of Life:  Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon and Education event
  • Professional Associations:
    • American Holistic Nurses Association
    • Nurses Christian Fellowship
    • Tennessee Nurses Association