bookandvideoGo From Fat, Sick & Tired to Wonderfully Well. For the Do-It-Yourselfer – I just need a plan! Wonderfully Well Healthy Lifestyle Primer and Success My Way DVD What is it:

  • 150 pages of our story…From Fat, Sick and Tired to Wonderfully Well
  • “Eat this-not that” info
  • Eating For Balance
  • The Wonderfully Well Cleanse and Weight loss phases
  • PLUS 150 pages of recipes used by us and tested in our Whole Foods Market cooking classes.




How It Works:

  • Read the book
  • Watch the DVD
  • Follow the instructions!

What Do I Get:

  • From 7-15 pounds average weight loss in the cleanse program.
  • Many people are able to work with their doctors to get off medications as they make it a life plan.
  • Remove confusion with regard to healthy eating and living.
  • Bonus!
  • How to Cleanse the Right Way webinar and class notes.
  • Cleanse supplement list
  • Testimonies

Wonderfully Well Success My Way $25.00