discoverysessionI’ll Do It Myself But I’d Like A Personal Consultation. A Discovery Session is our entry-level consultation. 

Together we connect the dots between your food, lifestyle and physical complaints and create a plan for you to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Follow up Sessions are available after the Discovery Sessions on a per session basis.

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Female, 51 yrs of age

I Did It! I feel like I have experienced a true miracle in my life as a result of the dtox diet, colonics, and chiropractic adjustments. I came to this office terribly depressed, many pounds overweight and in horrible physical condition.

I was bloated to almost looking like a non-human, had high blood pressure and was on several medications. Most importantly I had a large growth on my thyroid. I have lost several pounds, am no longer having to take to medications, my blood pressure is lower than it has been in my entire adult life and the growth on my thyroid has disappeared. I have experienced emotional, mental and spiritual healing as well.

Male, 49 years of age

Did It! My blood sugar stabilized; dropped by over 100 points into normal range with no medication and my cholesterol dropped 75 points in the first 16 days! The title of the program, Give Your Body A Break is catchy, but it is also very true.

I feel more mentally and emotionally clear today than in many years. This is not a program for the faint in mind or heart, but the benefits far out weigh the energy and effort…I made the tough decision to do this during the Christmas holidays and it was my best gift to myself and my family.


Discovery Session $200.00