berkeyfilters.jogBig Berkey Water Filters My Number One Recommendation

Now that we live in the pristine Cascade Mountain Range of Central Oregon we no longer need a water filter on a regular basis.  Our water is cold, clear, filtered by lava flow and perfect in every way!  HOWEVER for the previous 8 years we lived in two cities where the water is not drinkable…Las Vegas, Nevada and Nashville (Franklin), Tennessee.

Most of the country, and even some of our mountain neighbors are not blessed with fresh pure water, as we are.  If you are wondering what type of COUNTER TOP water filter to buy The Big Berkey is a reasonable and valuable investment.

How We Were Introduced To Big Berkey

I’ll never forget walking into the home of a new client and noticing a beautiful stainless steel urn on her kitchen counter.  She gladly explained they had loved and used the Big Berkey for years for their family.  I had to research it more because it was intriguing.

I was happy to find a moderately priced water filter that produces BIG results!  In fact, it is used in third world countries to filter POND water.  You buy an extra filter to remove fluoride as well.  This is still on my list to purchase in case of natural (or otherwise) disaster.  We could draw the water from the river behind our cabin and filter it through the Big Berkey.  In fact, the Nashville Flood of 2010 heightened my awareness of needing a way to filter dirty water.

Big Berkey Removes Chlorine, Fluoride and Contaminants

If you are looking for an affordable option for drinking water that really does remove all contaminates, even fluoride and chlorine the Big Berkey Filtration System is IT!  Click the picture link below to learn all about them.


I am an affiliate of both Big Berkey and do receive a commission from them. I only recommend products I know, love and trust because your health and well-being is at the top of my list.

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