50% Off Select Filtration Systems at Aquasana

There are many choices for water filters, we recommend Aquasana whole house, sink and shower filters as they have the best reports through consumer reports.

If you are fighting cancer or chronic disease you must filter all your water, even your showers.  You will also want the UV filter that kills bacteria and removes lead.


What fits your family best?  Get clean water and avoid toxic plastics with Aquasana.

Whole House Filter

If you own your home and plan on keeping your home, the whole house filter is a great investment.  All your water is filtered, from the shower to the fridge.

You will likely want professional installation.  Be sure to get their free professional installation kit.

If you are fighting cancer or chronic disease you must filter all your water, even your showers.

“We are thrilled with our Aquasana Whole House water filter.  It was easy to install, runs great and we don’t have to mess with hauling drinking water or changing shower filters. Plus our water tastes great and we don’t worry about contaminants harming our elderly parents and two handicapped individuals.”  N.P. Franklin, TN

50% Off Select Filtration Systems at Aquasana

Water bottle with Filter

For travel or when you are out and about or at the gym.


I love my silicone covered glass drinking bottle.  I’ve dropped it on the cement and it didn’t break!



Sink, Counter Top and Shower Options

Aquasana has great options for those who rent or are planning on selling your home soon or you travel in an RV.

Sink Filters – Since we rent, we have a sink filter at our kitchen sink.  We use this for all our drinking, cooking and personal care water (like brushing our teeth).  Ours sits on the counter, but they do have options that you can install under your sink.

Shower Filters are a great option for us because we can’t install a whole house filter. We love our Aquasana water filters!

Life on this planet is sustained by healthy, clean, and pure drinking water. Without a clean source of water, its inhabitants (us) would not survive. In recent decades the quality of our drinking waters have deteriorated significantly. Thankfully we now have viable and sustainable solutions to maintain the cleanliness of the water going into our homes and bodies.

Aquasana Whole House Filter


Aquasana Shower Filter