51954c6684c49f36ac83dc952011 started a year long search to find a company that shares our values for enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense juices and whole food supplementation AND our ethical and Biblical based values.

God led us to The AIM Companies out of Nampa, Idaho and we have been seeing amazing results in our own bodies, and the lives of our students since 2012.

The AIM company is one we can fully support.  Their products and philosophy fit the guiding principle of The Wellness Workshop; I Am Nourished.

More about quality AIM products.

Our company, The Wellness Workshop, was founded in 2006.  At that time I recommended a number of nutritional supplement companies and health food markets.  I have to say that it has always bothered me to promote companies with new age philosophies or those who put profit before ethics.

I’m happy to say what I’ve researched and learned through personal interaction has made me fully set on the AIM companies.  They’ve been in business for 37 years.  The company is debt free and fully funded for another 20 years – the average health related company lasts less than 10 years and many go bankrupt due to poor management.  The average staff member at the USA AIM headquarters has been with the company for over 10 years and many 15 over 15 years.

barleylife-adI’ve personally met the owners, the staff, the product developers, the microbiologists, toured their facilities, met the registered herbalist, and doctors from around the world who consistently recommend AIM whole food products and dehydrated juice powders to their patients and see fabulous results.

I can say with confidence this is a company you can trust to be honest and use the highest quality standards and ingredients.
Beyond the ethics and management of the company their products are stellar.

We regularly use the following AIM products:

Learn More about the AIM products.

  • BarleyLife Extra (dehydrated juices of 18 fruits and veggies plus the powerhouse of the highest nutrient dense plant, barley grass)
  • Just Carrots (dehydrated carrot juice for cleansing and repair)
  • RediBeet (dehydrated beet juice for energy and cleansing – beets help to normalize blood pressure)
  • Cocoa LeafGreens (4 pounds of dehydrated greens in a high antioxidant cocoa base)
  • PropPeas Protein Powder (plant based protein powder)
  • AimMega (high quality Omega 3 oil)
  • Fit & Fiber
  • Herbal FiberBlend
  • Magnificence (topical magnesium supplement for repair and energy)

What is Barley Grass?

Supplements from AIM

AIM products to protect against cold and flu – You really have to be careful when purchasing supplements.  Think about it, where do the ingredients come from…where are they grown?  In Japan in a field next to the nuclear plant melt down?  How about in Thailand where they use DDT?  Is it from China where there is little control over growth and production?  Or is it, like the AIM BarleyLife grown in a remote area of Canada or Austraila in some of the few pristine areas of the world, as free from pollutants and toxins as possible. We highly recommend all the AIM products.  These are great for protection or quick remission of winter colds and flu.  Keep them on hand.

AIM Winter Cold and Flu Protection and Quick Recovery

  1. Garden Trio – 3 juices to build your immune system use daily on a regular basis.  If we feel a little “under the weather” we triple up our Garden Trio, three times the recommended servings three times a day and kick any bugs quickly.
  2. Proancyanol 2000 – if we feel any “twinge” of something coming on…a scratchy throat, sneezing, achey or tired, 3 of these little antioxidant wonders three times a day kicks sickness to the curb.

Remember…avoid all forms of refined sugar to keep your immune system strong!