Our Gifts to You #1

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Gift #1 Peace

2017 was a year of change and loss for Phil and I.  HUGE change and “perceived loss”…definitely the loss of peace for a few months.  In fact…

I felt abandoned by God in some ways…where was He?  Why is he allowing this trial?  Why is this so hard?  And then…

We allowed key people to speak into our lives and remind us that God is never surprised and while we make our plans, the Bible tells us “God directs our steps”.

I had to surrender some things to God.  Things I clung to – as my right – since I was 12 years old!  Good Grief!  I’m 60…that is 48 years of holding on to silly childish thinking.  Do you find yourself holding on to anything?

The most amazing thing happened when I finally said: “God, I give up my right in this area and I trust you.”  It was a literal hands-in-the-air, white-flag surrender…

I suddenly had peace, and that kind of peace can’t be taken away.  The Bible calls it “Peace that passes understanding.”

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With unrest in every country on the planet, unusual weather patterns, threats of earthquakes, wars, global warming and the economy.  Everyone is looking for peace.  The Bible tells us that even creation longs for God to step in and bring complete and total peace to this world.

Why am I sharing this at Christmas? 
Everyone is aware of the “religious” background for Christmas, right?  Whether you believe in God or follow Jesus Christ, Christmas has historically been a focus of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Well get this…

Jesus is the Prince of Peace…
Yes!  He has authority over the weather, over the animals, over people, over illness, even over death!  And when Jesus came to earth in the form of a baby, the angels told his parents to call him Immanuel.  Do you know what that means?

God With Us.
Remember Madonna’s song, “What if God was one of us”?  It’s not what if – God REALLY IS one of us..son of God and son of Man.  It’s mind-blowingly-hard to comprehend.  But it’s true.

So our first gift to you is the Peace that Passes ALL Understanding…from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.


I have no idea who does nor does not believe in Jesus or even celebrates Christmas…but my gift is this…if you long for peace and can’t seem to find it, let’s talk!  I’m more than happy to listen, pray and share with you.

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