Why do you use AIM products?

Since 2005 we have become very familiar with many nutrition companies and are disappointed in most. When looking for a company whose products we could recommend we developed 5 criteria. AIM is the only one that has met all five of our criteria:

  1. They must have a reputable history.
  • AIM has been in business for over 30 years and helped thousands of people restore and maintain their health.
  • We have met many people who used the AIM products to heal all kinds of diseases, even cancer, and sustain their health.
  • AIM products are based on natural health principles and proven science, not on fads.
  1. They must have high quality ingredients and good quality control.
  • AIM oversees the growth, production, and manufacturing of all of their products. Ingredients are grown in clean environments and AIM microbiologists (who we know personally) test every batch for pathogens and bacteria and viability (living food).
  • When AIM products go through third party testing they always come out 100%, which is rare for nutrition products.
  1. They must have good customer service.
  • AIM customer service, located in Boise Idaho is the best customer service I have ever experienced.
  • AIM focuses their efforts on supporting their members.
  1. They must have good financial practices.
  • AIM business plans have excellent payouts.
  • AIM is financially stable and debt free.
  • AIM is run on Biblical stewardship principles, AIM business owners are free to bequeath their earnings to non-profit or missions groups at any time, including at their death. AIM business partners support many worldwide Christian ministries.
  1. They must have affordable products.
  • AIM juices and supplements are right in line with all reputable nutrition companies.
  • Their juices are comparable in price and nutrition to making your own juice without the mess and time of juicing.
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