What about the cost?

My Busy Healthy Life program is a comprehensive program…it addresses all aspects of your life; consider the program an investment in your future health.

My Busy Healthy Life provides quality coaching in a cost effective manner. The weekly emails are personal and informative and easy to read. You would pay about three times your monthly amount PER SESSION for this level of one on one coaching.

You will spend money on sickness or health, the choice is up to you.

The AIM supplements are real, concentrated foods that are non-GMO, and herbicide and pesticide free. It is common to pay almost $4.00 per pound for such foods in a healthy grocery store. 1 serving of our cleansing foundational food, The Garden Trio, contains 5 pounds of concentrated raw vegetable nutrition with no preservatives or chemicals! That would cost you $20 at the health food grocery store.

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