Ditch the Sugar Habit!

The holidays are fun…full of favorite treats and LOTS of sugar, which you probably already know has some really bad ramifications for your good health.

  • Just 2 teaspoons of sugar (8 grams) reduces your immunity by 60-80% for over 8 hours…not such a great thing at this time of year.
  • Sugar causes inflammation…so if you have joint pain, are preparing for surgery or just had surgery, or have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue or muscle pain sugar makes your pain worse.
  • Sugar is an addictive substance…worse than cocaine; that’s why it’s so hard to quit!
  • Sugar is the number one cause of belly fat…enough said!
  • Switching to pasta and gluten free products won’t work because they convert immediately to sugar.
  • You probably had a little extra alcohol over the holidays which again is…sugar.

So what to do?  We love our treats…our bodies are used to lots of sugar…So what to do?

Eat Fresh Fruit Instead

Dollarphotoclub_66950132Yep, that’s it. This is the Number One Way our clients and My Busy Healthy Life Groups Ditch Sugar quickly, easily and painlessly.  It’s how Maureen eliminated depression she had struggled with for years in just 3 days!  It’s how Annie and Barbara eliminated chronic pain, it’s how Kristie’s neck with chronic degeneration is actually so much better after just 2 months, her doctor was shocked!

Saw chiropractor yesterday …. He was thrilled beyond belief at how my neck is doing and I can honestly tell you that I have no more pain or headaches from the neck issue (after years of pain and headaches). He said my neck moved better than it ever has…….I told him all about you and what I am doing!!!!!  Kristie, Texas

Every time you want to eat candy or cookies or ice cream or pie or have a latte (at least 9 teaspoons of sugar in the syrup)

Throw out the junk, cleanse your environment and Just Eat Fresh Fruit. 

Choose Your Favorite Seasonal Fruit

  • Grapefruit
  • Those “Cutie” little oranges
  • Pineapple
  • Apples
  • Bananas

Dollarphotoclub_3573234Make Sure You Have Fruit Available At All Times

  • Home
  • School
  • The Office
  • The Car
  • Events




You can break your family, your husband, your office…everywhere you go…of the sugar habit without them even knowing it.  Just throw out all the leftover junk.  Hide the office candy dish and put out the fruit.  They will detox from sugar and not even know it!  ha ha!

If you feel a little nausea or “gall bladder discomfort” in your mid back or mid right side an apple after your meal with help your body digest the food and break up the gall stones trying to form.

Caution Avoid Bottled “Healthy Juices”!!!

Slide1Don’t substitute BOTTLED FRUIT JUICE for Real Fruit…it won’t work…bottled pasteurized fruit juice is just another form of liquid sugar.

In fact, one of those yummy health-food-wanna-be-bottled juices that is green and supposed to be really healthy has 47 grams of sugar!  That’s like eating a little less than a half a cup of M&M’s!!! WOW!





Go to the Next Level with Veggie Juices

80092493You know we are BIG proponents of juicing…if you make your own with a high quality juicer that retains the enzymes and removes the fiber.

We sell the best juicers available if you want to start making your own…and include a session on how to use it and create a specialized recipe.  More Info.




Too Busy To Juice or not crazy about the mess?

Garden-TrioIf making your own is not an option we LOVE AIM Dehydrated Juice Powders.

Learn More

Check this out.  One glass of Just Carrots has only 9 grams of sugar compared to one glass of freshly made carrot juice with 32 grams of sugar.  Why?  They dehydrate it in a way that removes some of the natural sugars.  The AIM juices are dehydrated at a low temperature to retain the valuable enzymes, the construction crew of the food which take the phytonutrients and make you younger and stronger from the cellular level.

Save Time with the Garden Trio!

It literally takes less than 30 seconds to make a juice drink from the AIM Garden Trio that contains 5 pounds of NON-GMO enzyme rich juice.

Save Money Too!

If you make your own juice from NON-GMO veggies you will pay at least $3.99 per pound.  Times that by 5 pounds…almost $20 per glass!  With My $34 discount, the Life-Giving AIM Garden Trio is less than a S’Bucks coffee at about $3.50 per glass per day…less than the cost of one pound of NON-GMO veggies!

Learn More About The Garden Trio Here.

Need more info about the Garden Trio?

Email me at thewellnessworkshop@msn.com, subject line Garden Trio.  Ask me about My $34 Discount!

Meanwhile, throw out all the left over sweets and get to the store and pick up your favorite fruit…Ditch That Sugar Habit…in three days you won’t even crave sugar at all!




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